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The Broad Experience

Financial Times journalist Carola Hoyos and I are guests on The Broad Experience, a podcast about women, the workplace, and success. The episode is called The Pace of Progress, and you can listen to it here.

Gender Equality

A manifesto for action on gender in research and innovation

A manifesto has emerged from the European Gender Summit, held in Brussels in November, 2011. The manifesto is the result of a public consultation building on the recommendations of of the genSET project and others. The European Commission invited the scientific community to recommend specific actions that could strengthen the role of women in science and innovation in its new research program, Horizon 2020.

Gender Equality

Women matter 2010: women at the top of corporations: making it happen

The fourth and final Women Matter report from McKinsey, Women at the top of corporations: making it happen (WM4), gives us good research and a strengthened foundation on which to expand policies and practices.

How will you get the attention of your top leadership? How will you implement development programs and institutionalize the work of gender diversity? Find your answers to these questions. Your organization’s success depends on it!

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