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Gender Equality

Your heart and my back: 2 examples of gender-enhanced science

Medical science improves our lives by developing treatments for illnesses. But if a treatment is going to work for everyone, research and testing must be done on a varied population. The challenges of science often lead to just the opposite situation. One way to test if a drug is actually having the hypothesized effect is to give it to several people who are otherwise as similar as possible. Medical treatments may therefore be developed without sufficient testing on both men and women. Read more…

Gender Equality

A manifesto for action on gender in research and innovation

A manifesto has emerged from the European Gender Summit, held in Brussels in November, 2011. The manifesto is the result of a public consultation building on the recommendations of of the genSET project and others. The European Commission invited the scientific community to recommend specific actions that could strengthen the role of women in science and innovation in its new research program, Horizon 2020.

Gender Equality

6 steps towards gender balance in 2012

Increasing gender balance in organizations is about improving the quality of the workplace for everyone. Improving the quality of the workplace feeds institutional goals across the board. Making the value of diversity in a workforce visible must become an integral part of leadership development programs. These 6 steps helped the University of Tromsø increase diversity 50% in four years. Learn more…

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