In my work to make universities better, I have spoken widely and ardently on topics including leadership development, gender balance as a tool for enhancing quality and performance, open access and kindred enhancements in our approaches for distributing scientific results, and research-based education.

In my talks, I tell stories that draw heavily on my experiences in various local, national and international leadership positions. But I do more than tell stories; I tell you about evidence, too. We know so much about these topics through the hard work of serious researchers, and I believe that we should find our way forward fully informed by the the most reliable results we have. You are welcome to view some of my previous talks.

I take on a very few high-impact engagements each year; feel free to contact me if you’d like to discuss an upcoming event.

And if you’ve heard me speak, I’d be grateful if you would leave your feedback.

Upcoming Talks

4th National Conference on Gender and Science
Prague, June 23

Gender Equality in STEM Conference
Derry/Londonderry, October 11

1st LIBRA Annual Meeting
Amsterdam, October 28


A strategy for strategy

When you’re engaged in thinking about strategy, do it slowly and carefully. Be aware of the adjacent possible. Figure out what the options are. Remember that there are many rooms; peek through several doors and don’t just run through the first one you open.