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I know guys like you. In fact, I’ve been one, at least when it comes to women and work. You think you’re fair, right? You think the only thing that matters when you hire someone is quality. And you think you know quality when you see it, don’t you?

Tell me your opinion about quotas for hiring women. No, don’t. Let me guess. Quotas definitely flush quality right down the toilet? If a women candidate is better than a man, she’ll get hired. Without a quota. I know that line. We don’t hire the pretty just out of pity, so don’t come around here and start telling me I have to make it easy on someone who can’t get there on her own.

Well, I’ve got bad news for you. Try as you might, you can’t be fair. Difficult as it may be to understand, quotas actually raise quality. And if you want your groups to be smarter, you need gender balance. I’m not just telling you what I think either. I’m telling you what robust, scientific, tested, peer-reviewed research demonstrates.

The editor of AkzoNobel’s A Magazine contacted me a few months ago to commission a piece on gender equality “with attitude.” The text above is the beginning of that article. To read the rest, follow this link to the gorgeous A Magazine website and enjoy a little more attitude. You know you want to!

My interest in moving universities towards balance encompasses gender equality, the communication of scientific results, promoting research-based education and leadership development more generally. Read more



  • susanne hoeck says:

    Hi Curt
    Your contribution til The Eu

    • susanne hoeck says:

      Hi Curt
      Your contribution to The European Gender Summit 2012 in Brussels November 30th was the most inspiring and concrete speach represented. What is needed is sharing knowledge about actions with impact – no more need for surveys to clarify barriers. Thank you – I will promote your recommendations and experiences in WOW Executive Network (Danish network for women in leadership) and in Berlingske Business Magazine.
      Keep up the good work!

  • Thanks for sharing such a pleasant thought, article is nice, thats why i
    have read it fully

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