Women matter: a guest blog at 3plusinternational.com

Women matter.  Women in leadership matter. Women in leadership make companies better. And it isn’t that hard to get more women into leadership positions.

These statements convey the core message of four reports, all called Women matter, that were produced by McKinsey & co. between 2007 and 2010. These reports have become extremely influential, providing basic research for pushing the discussion about gender balance forward. The research results in Woman matter help us argue that creating the circumstances for women to advance is not just right, it’s also smart.

This is how I started a guest blog last week over at 3plusinternational.com. The entry gives a very brief synopsis of the four Women matter reports with links to my original blog entries, the original reports, and other related matters.

I also highlight in this guest entry the single most important factor for succeeding with enhanced gender equality work in your organization.

You can read the rest of my Women matter: why gender balance is smart guest posting at 3plusinternation.com.

About Curt Rice

My interest in leadership development at universities affects most of what I do, whether it’s working on gender balance issues, developing policies about Open Access, promoting research-based education or just about anything else. I'm a professor at the University of Tromsø, where I've spent the last decade serving first as the head of a Center of Excellence (2002-2008) and then as the Vice President for Research & Development (prorektor for forskning og utvikling) (2009-2013). I'm currently a Fellow at the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study.

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